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We’re MORE Than Software…

We’re a company that stands for something. For the all-importance of financial, mental, relational, physical, & spiritual freedom. Real freedom. This is what we live for every single day. This is what we help you achieve.

We Believe

  • Most technology sucks. Technology can accelerate your results, be it freedom of time, money, or mobility. But most technology does the opposite. It gets in the way. It stalls, rather than accelerates. This can be the fault of the user, but it’s more often the fault of the designer.
  • Software can be both complete and simple. It can give you everything you need, and it can do it intuitively. Your time is best spent using the app to get results, not training to use the app. Software that requires a lot of training is bad software. And building it that way is disrespectful of your time.
  • Great service matters. Fast, accurate, and friendly customer support makes all the difference in the world. We work hard to make sure we live up to that reputation every day.
  • Your time is your most valuable personal asset. You only have 27,000 days to create the story of your life. Each day should be spent doing something that helps make it a tremendous story of success, achievement, and lasting legacy.
  • Your people are your most valuable business asset. If your business or your products suck, it’s probably because your people suck. From executives to developers to customer service reps, we hire & develop nothing but lean, world-class talent. Anything less would be like taxing our customers for our own ineptitude.
  • It’s not about the money. Money is nice, but what you really want isn’t millions of dollars. It’s the freedom you think only millions of dollars can buy. Real freedom involves conquering bondage financially, mentally, relationally, physically, & spiritually.
  • Change starts in your head. Your thoughts determine your feelings. Your feelings determine your actions. And your actions determine your results. Different results, therefore, begin with radically different thinking… about yourself, your business, and what you’re really doing here.

We Are

Preston Ely

Preston Ely | San Diego, CA

Preston Ely is President & CEO of FreedomSoft. He’s an author, speaker, MMA fighter, and soon-to-be Grammy-winning recording artist. He’s also a real estate & marketing genius, whose personal mission of “glorifying God by helping people become financially free” permeates every venture he touches, including FreedomSoft.

Pete Skouras

Pete “The Ninja” Skouras | Tampa, FL

Pete Skouras is Co-Owner and VP/Sales of FreedomSoft. He became vice president of operations at Real Freedom Properties in 2007. He’s a master at real estate negotiation and finance, and he’s invited to speak regularly on stages across the country. Pete is also a semi-professional golfer and is recently engaged to his girlfriend, Brenda.

Justin McCormick

Justin McCormick | Charleston, SC

Justin McCormick is co-owner of FreedomSoft who leads product development and customer service. Before FreedomSoft, Justin took his internet marketing and web application company to over $500,000 in sales in it’s first year with no outside money. Justin is recently engaged to his fiancee, Tricia.

Andy Proper

Andy Proper | Honolulu, HI

Andy Proper is COO of FreedomSoft and joined Real Freedom, Inc as COO in 2010. He’s an author, speaker, & thinker who loves studying business models & creating marketing systems. He’s also passionate about surfing, travel, personal development, and the Christian faith. Andy and his wife, Dayna, have been married 3 years.

We Built FreedomSoft


… to scratch our own itch. We believe that’s always how the best products are built.

Pete was in a position you may be in right now… sitting amidst stacks of home study courses, frustrated & overwhelmed in his real estate business, wondering where his next paycheck would come from.

He had tried all the software tools out there in an attempt to systemize and streamline his business. Each time, the software either did too much or did too little. It was too complicated or too slow. It didn’t actually help him make more money. Pete didn’t know squat about software, but he knew it didn’t have to be this way.

In late 2008, at an educational seminar in Ohio, Andy heard Pete voice his frustration & his software wish list, said “we can solve that,” and we immediately got to work on FreedomSoft.


Early prototypes of FreedomSoft started giving Pete the results he was looking for: clarity & simplicity in his business, more time with Brenda, and more money in the bank — faster & easier than even he anticipated.

Over dinner one night at Nobu in San Diego, we discussed the possibility of turning FreedomSoft into a marketable product. Preston’s reach into the market allowed us to quickly take the pulse of nearly 50,000 investors in all 50 states and 9 countries. The overwhelming response: Pete’s itch was their itch. The people demanded FreedomSoft.

On January 21, 2010, 15 months after the initial conversation between Pete & Andy, FreedomSoft made its public debut. By the end of the 6-day launch window, every record for web-based product launches (in any industry) was shattered. The people got what they demanded, and we’re seeing the results.

Today — as we speak — we’re back in the lab with FreedomSoft, and the app continues to evolve by the minute. We didn’t get it perfect the first time around, but we came pretty darn close. The app will intentionally never be all things to all investors, but it will be perfect for 80-90% of investors.

Our mission is to make it complete, but keep it simple; to keep it the de facto standard for investing in real estate in every country across the globe; to increase freedom and decrease bondage in this world; and to do it all with a level of integrity unrivaled by any company.


FreedomSoft supports Hope For Homes. We’re committed to dedicating our time and to funding multiple remodeling and improvement projects each year in partnership with this amazing cause.

Contact Us

We frequently publish application updates, along with our thoughts on personal development, business development, and real estate investing, on our blog.

You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter:


If you’re a current FreedomSoft member who needs help with the app, our fanatical support team is at your side 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Contact us here.

Or you can send an email to our support team.

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