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Jason France

"...after last nights webinar, I set up the campaign exactly as you instructed and my phone has been going off non-stop with leads since then. This is truly an amazing lead generation software..."

Jason France

What Can Freedom$oft Do For You?

  • Automated Lead Generation

Freedom$oft is designed based on a simple lead getting concept we call Lead Central.  Lead Central automates the process of generating leads online and offline.

  • Marketing Automation & Email Marketing

Freedom$oft's powerful Marketing Automation Suite consists of a complete Email Marketing System, Workflow Automator and Boomerang (coming soon).

  • Task, Team and
    Pipeline Mngmt

Freedom$oft’s task, team and pipeline manage are designed to help you stay 100% on top of everything in your business to save time and get more done with less effort.

  • Template & Document Generator

Freedom$oft’s template builder and document generator are your 1-click paperwork solution to create single or multi-document packages in under 10 seconds.

  • Comps, Rehab Estimator, Analyzers

Freedom$oft provides you the 3 most important numbers you need to analyze any real estate deal - the comps, repair costs and powerful deal analyzers for Buy & Hold and Fix & Flip.

  • Rehab & Construction Management

Freedom$oft’s RehabbersGPS is a powerful analysis tool and the Project Manager is perfect for anyone that want’s a simple, way to manage your rental and fix & flip rehab projects.

  • Phone, Voicemail and Text Messaging

Freedom$oft’s built in phone system is all you need for voicemail lead capture, 2-way SMS text messaging and outbound call tracking of local and toll free numbers.

  • Analytics Dashboard

Freedom$oft CEO Suite is designed to automatically provide you with powerful, real-time insight to show you exactly what’s happening in your business.

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