Freedomsoft Driving For Dollars

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This Makes Driving For Dollars Simple

If you've been studying real estate investing for any length of time, you probably know by now that getting out in the field and “Driving For Dollars” is a goldmine.

…whether you're doing it yourself, or you have a team of people out driving for you

The leads you can generate FAST using this method can make you quick cash and help you build a list that will get your paid for months and years to come.

Step 1: Create A Campaign To Capture Leads

The first thing you need to understand in order to grasp why Direct Mail Connect is the most superior direct mail conversion system available, is this…

Freedomsoft (and Direct Mail Connect) are built around the “lead generation concept” we here at Freedomsoft created, called Lead Central.

Lead Central is a concept that puts your lead campaigns (like a direct mail campaign) right at the center of your marketing.

Let me explain.

Think of organizing all the marketing you do in your business into LEAD CAMPAIGNS and then, think of each lead campaign as the central HUB of a wheel.

In Freedomsoft, your lead campaigns become the HUB and your phone system, your email autoresponders and your workflow automation all become the spokes that connect to the hub.

Make sense?  Good.

Ok, even if it doesn't totally make sense yet, it will below, so keep reading…

Here's how to create a Leads Campaign:

Ok, so now, that you've create a Leads Campaign…

…everything else, like your Freedomsoft phone system, your email autoresponders and your workflow automation all get “linked” to that campaign with a simple click of your mouse.

By linking these built-in tools to your lead campaigns (see image below) you get instant lead capture, you get simple organization of all your leads and you get an automated follow-up system that's been designed to help you convert more leads into profit.

The entire system is all ready-to-go right out-of-the-box the moment you create your Freedomsoft account.

Take a look at the Lead Central concept here:

Here's Why Lead Campaigns Are So Helpful

So, in the image above, you'll see that I named this campaign:
“PH Search Neighborhood DM”

I'm pointing out the name specifically because I always recommend that investors set-up different Lead Campaigns inside Freedomsoft to track the performance of the different types of direct mail lists that you market to.

NOTE: You can set-up an unlimited number of lead campaigns, which makes it simple (like automatic) to separate leads from one mailing list into one campaign and leads from another list into another campaign.

This allows you to easily know your numbers and get the most from your marketing.

That said, I usually tell people and recommend naming your Lead Campaigns by a name that somehow tells you what list the leads are coming from.

Yeah, I know that might sound obvious…BUT…I'm mentioning it because you'd be surprised by how many people don't think about it.

I say all that to say this…Most real estate investors don't ever really know their numbers.

Before I show you how you can convert more leads using Direct Mail Connect in Freedomsoft, I think it's important to understand that using this system not only helps you convert more leads into profit, but also helps you know your numbers.

Take a look at the image below:

Ok, now let's get back to converting more leads using Direct Mail Connect.

Step 2: Create A “Master Direct Mail Campaign”

So in Step 1, you created the Leads Campaign that will capture all of the INBOUND LEADS for you from anyone that responds to your direct mail campaign, track your results, organize the leads by Lead Status and automate your follow-up.

In Step 2, you're going to create a second lead campaign that you are going to upload your Direct Mail mailing list in to.  If you've ever found yourself in “spreadsheet hell” trying to keep all of your lists organized, uploading them all to a single master campaign is the answer.

I like to think of this leads campaign as my “Master Direct Mail List Campaign”.  It's nothing more than a “place” in Freedomsoft where I upload ALL of my mailing lists so that I can keep everything organized.

…after you create this campaign, any time you get a new mailing list, just upload the new list to that master direct mail campaign and you'll never lose a list again (but there's even a more important reason for this as you'll see as you scroll down).

Take a look at the image below…this makes things so simple.

Step 3: Launch Your Direct Mail Campaign (Here's How)

Because you now have your Leads Campaign set-up and you've uploaded your direct mail list into your “master direct mail list campaign”, you're ready to send your mail.

Freedomsoft makes that extremely simple because your marketing templates, letters, postcards, etc., are all built in and everything is connected right to a mail house that will print and mail everything for you.  It doesn't get any easier.

Ok, let's dive in.

Here's what you should do first:

Clicking “Export To Direct Mail” automatically converts everything to a Direct Mail List for you.

Next, just create a Direct Mail campaign, select a letter or postcard, select your list and CLICK SEND.  That's it.  Your direct mail campaign is on it's way

Now it's time to just sit back and wait for the leads to start rolling in.

That's when the real power and benefits of using the Freedomsoft Direct Mail Connect system will begin to shine.

Look at this:

Ok, all that is pretty cool and probably what you expect, right?

Here's where it get's even better.

See, when that lead comes in, is captured and you click on it to see what you've got, the Freedomsoft Direct Mail Connect System helps you pull all the public records information for that lead right onto your screen quickly and easily.

Check this out:

Using the Link Leads feature on your dashboard makes everything on ALL of your direct mail lists instantly searchable within seconds.

This is super helpful when you get a new lead because by simply using that quick search feature, you can find all the information for the exact direct mail record that produced the lead for you.

This is so powerful.

Imagine being able to pull all the public records information you need and having it right at your fingertips within seconds of jumping on the phone with your seller.

You'll instantly be more credible.

This is so helpful because when you start getting leads, all the information you have on the property is immediately available to you with just a click, like (see below):

> Owners Name,
> Full Property Address,
> Mailing Address (if the owner lives somewhere else),
> Additional Owner Names (if there are multiple owners),
> # of bedrooms,
> # of bathrooms,
> square footage,
> year built
> and much, much more…

Think about how credible this makes you in the first moments of the conversation.

INSTANT RAPPORT: Helps You Close More Deals

Let me give you an example.

Let's say you just get a new lead.  You jump on the phone and say your “hello's” with the seller.  You then ask, “Hey, who am I speaking with?”

They give you their name and you type it into the “Link Lead” search box.


Up pops their name and all the information you need on the property.

You reply, “Oh, Mr. Seller, you must be calling about 123 Main Street.

Mr. Seller replies, “Yes, that's right.  You remember the property.  Great.”


Freedomsoft makes this so simple and put's the information you need right at your fingertips the moment you need it…

You will love it.

Manage Your Direct Mail Lists Easier

Now, in addition to helping you convert more leads, Freedomsoft can save you money by helping you manage your lists and clean everything up faster and easier.

Here's a scenario:

Let's say you just converted one of your new leads and turned it into a deal.

When that happens, (if you're like me), you don't want the seller to keep getting direct mail from you.  The problem is, in most systems, it's pretty hard to manage your lists.

Direct Mail Connect makes it simple to stop sending mail to any address.

Automate Your Follow-up, Convert & Close More Deals

Now, the reality is…

No matter how good you direct mail system is, no matter how much rapport you built with the seller and no matter how good you think your offer is…

…some sellers just need more time.

That's where follow-up comes in and that's why in Step 1, I had you link your Email Autoresponder and your Workflow Automation to your Lead Campaign. (Remember that?)

By simply updating the status of your leads, you can now automatically follow-up, keep track of, organize and turn more leads into profit down the road.

Real estate investing isn't a “get rich quick” scheme.  But, if you run your business with tools, systems and strategies to maximize your profits, it certainly is a “get rich” business.

I hope you'll let Freedomsoft and our Direct Mail Connect System be part or your optimization.

So there you have it…

Freedomsoft's Direct Mail Connect is a powerful direct mail marketing system (might I say the most superior system available), and it's 100% designed to:

  • Automatically capture and get you more leads
  • Increase your conversion and turn more leads into deals
  • Build rapport the moment you get on the phone
  • Manage your direct mail lists with a click
  • And much, much more…

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