Freedomsoft Leads Dashboard Set-up

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How To Customize Your Freedom$oft Leads Dashboard To Get The Most Out Of It?

Ok, so I get the question a hundred times a week…

“Rob, what's the best way to set-up my Freedomsoft Leads Dashboard to get the most out of it?”  (scroll down to see my Leads Dashboard)

The honest answer to this question is that there really is no “best” way to do it.  Everyone likes things set-up a little different and everyone's business is a little different…

…which makes Freedomsoft perfect, because you can set-up your dashboard and customize it in any way you want.  It can be completely customized for YOUR BUSINESS.

Now, I know sometimes people ask that question because what they really want is something ready to go out the box with no “customization needed”.  If that's you, you're in luck…you don't have to customize anything if you don't want to.  But if you do…

In this tutorial, you'll learn how I have my Freedomsoft Leads Dashboard set-up and how you can customize your own.  You can copy my dashboard if you like, or customize yours in any way that suits your needs and your business.

Ok, here we go…

How To Customize Your Dashboard

First, to set-up and customize your Leads Dashboard, you'll want to go to your “Settings” area:

Then, you'll want to click on “Custom Fields” and the “Seller Leads / Properties / RehabbersGPS Details” section (see below):

Drag & Drop To Customize Your Layout

Once you're on the “customize” screen, you'll see that it looks just like the Lead Details display that you and your team will actually work with in your business every day.

The reason I like to set-up my display like you'll see below is because when I first click into a lead, I like to see certain things right at the top of the page (like Status and the Campaign Name the lead came from).

You can Add Sections, Add Custom Fields and “drag and drop” everything around the page to get it looking just like you want:

Create Custom Fields, Generate Documents w/ a Click

Before I show you my dashboard set-up below, let's talk about why setting up your own Custom Fields is so beneficial to your business.

Everyone runs their business a little different, (your contracts are different, your team is different, your strategies are different, etc)….

Customizing your dashboard with Custom Fields allows you to create documents, emails, postcards, letters, contracts and more with just the click of your mouse

Now that you know how to customize your own dashboard and why it's helpful, let's take a look at how my Dashboard is set-up.

The reason I want you to see this is so (1) you can copy it if you want and (2) you can see just how flexible Freedomsoft is.

Here's How I Customized My Lead Details Page Set-up

So there you have it…

> No matter how you run your business…
> No matter how big or small your team is
> No matter what you want to “auto-fill” on your contracts
> No matter what kind of deals you're doing…

Freedomsoft can quickly and easily be customized to 100% fit your needs.

And, we're here to help you every step of the way…

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