Freedomsoft Phone System Setup

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Simplify Using The Phone, Voicemail & Text Messaging Built In To Freedom$oft

One of the things we hear regularly at Freedomsoft is how much people love, Love, LOVE the phone system that's automatically built into Freedomsoft. 

…and there's ONE MAIN REASON: It makes your entire business so much easier.
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Ok, before I show you how to set-up your phone system inside Freedomsoft, let's start here.

The lifeblood of any business (including yours) lies in your ability to easily capture, follow-up on and convert leads.  That's why the Freedomsoft phone, voicemail and text message system is directly connected to Freedomsoft's Power CRM

It automatically:
> Captures all incoming phone numbers so you never miss a lead (including hang-ups)
> Automates a time delayed auto-text replies for incoming calls & texts – POWERFUL
> Ties your entire communication log right to your lead record on 100% auto-pilot

There's NO “importing or exporting” of new or old leads…EVERYTHING IS AUTOMATIC.

If you've ever gotten a phone call, text message or voicemail in a 3rd party system and then later tried to find it so you could follow-up and connect with the lead…you know how frustrating and confusing that can be.

I guarantee if you're running your business like that you've lost leads, forgotten to follow-up or just plain missed opportunities.  Imagine just clicking on a lead and everything just being right there, every time.

That's exactly what happens in Freedomsoft because everything is automatically captured, linked and synced.  We built it based on years of experience and how real estate investors actually run their business…

…you'll love it.

Setting Up Your F$ Phone System

The first thing you need to do to set-up and customize your Phone System is go to your “Settings” area:

In the settings area, you can click on My Numbers…and, when you first land on the page, you'll need to add your first number to your Freedom$oft account by clicking the blue, Add Number button.

Choose Between Local or Toll Free Numbers

Upload or Record Your Audio Then Set-up Call Forwarding, Notifications & Automated Call / Text Replies For Each Number

Link Your Phone Numbers To Any Campaign & Automatically Capture Leads, Make Outbound Calls & Send Text Messages With A Few Clicks

The Built In Click-To-Call Makes Follow-up Simple

Everything Is Tracked Right On The Lead Record & It's All Done 100% Automatically

Full Phone System Reporting Built In

Freedom$oft Offers The Most Competitive Usage Pricing Anywhere – Just Pay For What You Use

And that's it.  That's how easy it is to set-up phone numbers inside the Freedomsoft system and link them to a campaign.

You can set-up an unlimited number of local and toll free numbers so you can work in multiple location and track all of your marketing using unique numbers.

By linking any number to your lead campaign, you get fully automated lead capture, call routing and automated follow-up.  It's awesome.

So there you have it…

> No matter how you run your business…
> No matter how big or small your team is
> No matter what you want to “auto-fill” on your contracts
> No matter what kind of deals you're doing…

Freedomsoft can 100% fit your needs.

And, we're here to help you every step of the way…

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