Lead Management
& Reporting

Easily organize everything in Lists, Campaigns & Workspaces

for the ultimate in lead and team management.

Get Real-time Performance Data When You Need It.

Lead Campaign & KPI Reports Made Simple

Built in Lead Campaign reporting allows you to quickly compare results and find your best marketing winners so you only spend your marketing dollars for the highest ROI.

Simple Dashboard Displays Your Entire Leads Pipeline.

Visual Leads Dashboard

The Visual Leads Dashboard (VLD) is the “quick lead view” for every List, Campaign & Workspace that allows you to see all leads organized by Status so no lead is ever left behind.

The “Perfect Pipeline” Tracks Every Lead From A to Z.

Organize Everything In Lists, Campaigns & Workspaces

Lists, Campaigns & Workspaces automatically track every lead through your entire pipeline so you know what lists, what marketing campaigns & what team members are performing best.

Lead Management overview:

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