The #1 CRM Integrated Phone System For Real Estate Investors

Our phone system was designed with one thing in mind, making it easy for any real estate investor - no matter how large or small their team is, to be able to make and receive calls from any device and never have to worry about if the lead is being tracked and tagged.


Powerful built-in phone system

Get every phone tool you need to run your real estate investing business. FreedomSoft’s built-in phone system was created and perfect by real estate investors for real estate investors.

Never miss a lead

Phone, Text & Lead Capture Systems

FreedomSoft’s phone system has powerful sorting and distribution. Build a custom schedule to ensure that no matter what time of day or day of the week, your incoming calls are being sent to the best possible place.

Call your leads back fast

Make, Receive, & Record Calls

Never miss a call again. The integrated phone system gives you the ability to make, receive, & record calls from anywhere. 

Track your numbers and KPI’s

Phone Reports & KPI Tracking

See everything that’s going on in your phone system in one easy to use interface.

Keep your team organized

Assigned Numbers

Get rid of the chaos. Assign phone numbers to specific team members or workspaces to keep everything clear and trackable.


2-Way Text Messaging

Integrated 2-way texting and text broadcasting. All messages and calls saved in one feed so you can always track your communications with any lead.

Let the tech do the heavy lifting for you

Call Automation

Set up powerful call automation that route every incoming call to the right workspace, team member, answering service, or voicemail.

Take a deep dive into the best phone system real estate investors can use.