Every Phone Feature You Ever Wanted.

…and a few we just know you'll love .

The Best Phone System for Real Estate Investors.

Make, Receive, & Record Calls (Desktop & App)

Built-in and ready-to-run with no 3rd party integration needed, you can add an unlimited number of local or toll free numbers to automatically track every communication.

Powerful Call Automation Gets The Right Person On The Phone.

Custom Call Schedules, Call Flows & Round Robins

Call Automation allows you to customize live answer settings, create custom call routing and build round robins to distribute leads to your team for their desktop & mobile devices…

Never Miss, Lose or Forget About Another Profitable Lead Again.

Auto Capture All leads

Capture every inbound call or text, automatically saving everything to your CRM and instantly creating a new lead or adding the communication instantly to an existing record.

Start A Call In The Office, Continue It In Your Car.

A Phone System That Syncs Across All Devices

All calls and text messages are instantly saved inside the lead record, added to the communication thread and synced across all devices.

Instantly Know Whether Your Call Metrics Are Being Met.

Phone Tracking & KPIs

Phone reports automatically track inbound and outbound calls, and text messages by phone number and team member to help you hit your KPI's every single day.

Tracking Numbers Help Your Team Win & You Monitor Results.

Easily Track Lead Campaign & Team Member Performance

Assign phone numbers to Lead Campaigns & Workspaces to easily route calls, stay organized and track the performance of your marketing and team.

The Best SMS & Text Marketing System You Could Ask For.

2-Way Text Messaging

Integrated 2-way text messaging is A2P 10DLC compliant using the most up-to-date SMS technology to assure your messages get delivered and read.

Phone system overview:

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