Hey, Rob Swanson here…

Thanks for submitting your GUESS to the #1 most important thing that every successful real estate investor has figured out…

What I'll say is this:

EACH of the 4 options from the POLL are critically important.

But, in my experience, and that of 100's of my students over the years….

The #1 thing that you need as a real estate investor to be successful is the ABILITY to get leads ON-DEMAND.

Regardless of the economy, regardless of your market, regardless of your current situation…

…if you can't get leads every day, any day, you won't succeed.

Picking a market (if you plan to invest virtually), is important.

Access to capital and the ability to close, is key.

Your script and ability to close, is critical.

…but if you don't have leads, none of that matters.

You need leads, on-demand, every day…PERIOD.


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