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Our multi-market company couldn't survive a day without FreedomSoft! We process hundreds of leads per week and use it for every part of our business. My favorite part - it's pretty much ready out of the box!

Tag T


I've been using FreedomSoft for 6 years. I love how organized and easy it is for my VAs to run my wholesale business in it. We love the interface. It's truly worth every penny and should cost more for all the value it provides.

Hugo C


We've grown from 20 or so deals per year to averaging 50 deals and 10 rehabs with a team of 8 virtual partners in 3 states. FreedomSoft has been our secret weapon and an indispensable tool. There is no better product out there. Period.

Dean B


FreedomSoft has taken us to the next level. The seamless integration of all the key elements like leads, skip tracing, sms broadcast and CRM are top notch. Ability to restrict user access to certain data is awesome!

Nick L


I love FreedomSoft because I'm a tech idiot and even I can figure it out. Things are simple and laid out so they make sense. Oh and I have tried the other big names and it was a disaster. Way over complicated. I’m a wholesaler not a computer engineer!

David O


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Up To 66% Of Deals Come From Automated Follow-up Using Our Built-in Out-of-the-Box Text, Email, & Task Follow-up Templates.
Instant Access to All the Leads
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FreedomSoft give you motivated seller, cash buyer, and
private lender leads.


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FreedomSoft provides you a 1-click lead getting system (it’s so fast) with real-time, up-to-date data, and seamlessly integrated marketing and conversion tools to help you close deals.

Lead Generation & Marketing
CRM & Lead Management
Deal Analysis & Reports
Follow-up & Workflow Automation

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