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Jason France

"...after last nights webinar, I set up the campaign exactly as you instructed and my phone has been going off non-stop with leads since then. This is truly an amazing lead generation software..."

Jason France

Instant Access To Cash Buyers Nationwide!

Inside FreedomSoft, you gain instant access to an unlimited, nationwide database of active Cash Buyers.  Nothing is easier to find the buyers you need, just click search and you'll have access to more buyers than you can imagine.

Search your local market, research cities across the country and find the right buyer for your next deal quick and easy.  The FreedomSoft Cash Buyer database allows you to search by state, city, county and zip code and create a direct mail campaign with a few clicks.

And, every search shows you the buyers name and contact information, the number of properties they purchased, the addresses of each property they've purchased, the date purchased and the price paid.  It's everything you need to know and more...

What Else Can Freedom$oft Do For You?

  • Automated Lead Generation

  • Marketing Automation & Email Marketing

  • Task, Team and
    Pipeline Mngmt

  • Template & Document Generator

  • Comps, Rehab Estimator, Analyzers

  • Rehab & Construction Management

  • Phone, Voicemail and Text Messaging

  • Analytics Dashboard

Use Freedom$oft In The Field & On The Go

23 Leads In 2 Hours -- Amazing!

I recently watched the Lead Swiper video and set-up 2 campaigns and in 2 hours I have 23 leads! Amazing! Thank you!

- Katrina P, Real Estate Investor

I Have 27 Leads So Far!

I finally got around to setting up Lead Swiper the other day and I’m very impressed. I have 27 leads so far.

- Daniel B, Real Estate Investor

Import Your Existing Leads, Buyers & Contacts Into Freedom$oft In 5 Minutes or Less

  • Yes! You Can Easily Import Your Leads From Any Other System

    Just click “Import Leads” and FreedomSoft easily imports your leads from any other system.  You can add your leads automatically to any campaign, create groups and organize everything just how you want to see it.  You’ll be up and running in under 5 minutes.

  • Yes! You Can Easily Import Buyers From Any Other System

    Just click “Import Buyers” and FreedomSoft easily imports all your buyer leads from any other system so you can use our built in Buyer Matching Technology to help you find the right property for the right buyer with a just a click.  We’ll help you close more deals.

  • Yes! Easily Import Contacts From Any Other System

    Just click “Import Contacts” and FreedomSoft easily imports your contacts from any other system and can automatically assign them to any lead or property in your pipeline so you never miss a beat.  Freedomsoft will manage your tasks and team and get you to the closing table faster, more often and with less work.

Get Leads Using Freedomsoft's Lead Central

Freedomsoft’s Lead Central is designed as the lead and automation HUB in your real estate investing business.

Think of Lead Central as the central hub of a wheel that all the other spokes get connected to.  For example, you can create a Direct Mail campaign and link all leads from your mailing directly into that campaign with a single click.

Using Lead Central you can quickly and easily create lead campaigns to get motivated seller, cash buyer and private lender leads with ease.

Want to automate your lead capture, your lead follow-up and track everything automatically?

Lead Central puts the full power of Freedomsoft automation in your fingertips with the click of a button.  Connect any marketing campaign from online and offline to direct mail and PPC marketing directly to your campaign and capture, organize and follow-up on leads automatically.

It’s simple. It’s complete. It’s FULL AUTOMATION ready to go, right out of the box.

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200 Leads And Counting!

Yesterday I set up my first Lead Swiper campaign. As of right now I have received a total of 200 leads and counting! Thank you for the great education and step by step videos.

- Amy S, Real Estate Investor

The Leads Started Pouring In

I started 4 campaigns in two locations and the leads started pouring in the inbox in less time that you mentioned. Started with 81 leads and as of today (12 days later) after checking, I have accumulated, GET THIS, 3448 leads. Thanks.

- Virgil J, Real Estate Investor

Know Your Numbers Using The RehabbersGPS

Freedomsoft’s RehabbersGPS is designed to instantly help make you a better, more profitable real estate investor by helping you analyze your numbers faster and more accurately.

If you've ever struggled to “run the numbers on a deal”, the RehabbersGPS has you covered and does it all for you...

Using the RehabbersGPS, you can quickly analyze any property nationwide.  You can easily determine after repaired values (your ARV) and get local repair cost estimates in under 3 seconds with the just the click of a button.

You'll be confident to negotiate better deals with buyers and sellers and you can easily double check your contractors.  The RehabbersGPS also puts you in control with 2 power Deal Analyzers -- one to analyze rental properties and the other to analyze fix and flips.

Plug in your numbers and you’ll know how much you can offer on any property and get a fully investment analysis with just a few clicks.  We've made this so simple.

I Got 6 Leads Right Away...

Thank you… I got 6 leads right away in GA after setting up Lead Swiper. Life is good.

- Lan A, Real Estate Investor

The Leads Are Already Coming In

I just finished setting up my Lead Swiper and the leads are already coming in. Loving it.

- Chris B, Real Estate Investor

Powerful Insights From Freedomsoft's CEOSuite

Freedomsoft’s CEO Suite is powerful insight into your day, your team and your business that every real estate investor CEO wants (and needs to have).

Whether you want to track your teams productivity, follow-up on or assign new tasks, or compare marketing campaigns to get more leads - CEO Suite put’s you in control.

From the built in task manager, to the dashboard calendar and team permissions, you can set-up your Freedomsoft account to work for you, keep you organized and close more deals.

Campaign Graphs give you a real-time, up-to-date snapshot of all of your lead campaigns so you always know your numbers.

Compare any campaign with just a click, adjust your marketing and increase your profits.

CEO Suite is designed so there's no set-up.  It just works the way you expect it to from the very beginning.

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