Lead Generation, Lead Management, Follow-up, & Workflow Automation are “our things”…We're really, Really, REALLY good at them.


…as a result, FreedomSoft Users push the limits of the FreedomSoft system every day and end up closing about 1 deal every 2 hours. THAT's KILLER.

And, many FreedomSoft Users have been using “other” services for years to build SEO rankings on their domains.

The problem with that is that there isn't a single website / SEO service that even comes close to the follow-up and automation systems built into FreedomSoft.

That's no good considering that nearly 2/3rds (or 66%) of deals close NOT because of lead generation, but because of follow-up and automation.  

If you're not integrating your website / SEO leads directly into a follow-up and automation system, you're losing money.

…but the integration and lead capture from nearly every website / SEO service into full follow-up and workflow automation has been cumbersome at best. Not any longer.

FreedomSoft's Drag-n-Drop website and webform builder is directly integrated with the FreedomSoft CRM for lead management, follow-up, and workflow automation.

You can build high converting websites using FreedomSoft's website system, or if you'd prefer to continue using your “already ranking” websites…

…you can create an exact copy of all of the webforms that are already on your website using FreedomSoft's webform builder. Then, simply replace all of the existing forms on your current site with the FreedomSoft forms, and wha-la…you have seamless integration.

Check it out: