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Hi, Rob Swanson here!

I’d like to tell you Freedom$oft’s story, how it launched as the dominant Lead Generation / CRM software and became the go-to platform for real estate investors. I want you to know why I bought the company in 2015 to serve the real estate investor community, and why I’ve made it my mission to push Freedom$oft’s lead generation, follow-up automation, and sale conversion technology to new levels every day…


In 2010, Freedom$oft took the real estate investor world by storm providing the most cutting edge system for real estate investors (before “software” for real estate investors was even a thing). Freedom$oft completely changed the way real estate investors found, funded, and flipped deals.

Five years later, after having recently exited a large real estate investment fund I started during the crash of 2008, I was looking for my next project. I had been investing in real estate for years, had just scaled my operation into 18 cities, and I found myself on a needed vacation with my family in Hawaii.

I’ll spare you the details, but after a beautiful tropical mountain hike with one of the original Freedom$oft co-founders, I found myself negotiating to buy Freedom$oft, the #1 software brand serving the real estate investor community. I’ll be honest, I didn’t see that coming.

…here’s what I knew at the time. I had the experience as a real estate investor to know what real estate investors really need, I understood software (although I’m not a developer), and I had a clear vision and plan to take Freedom$oft to the next level.

Rob Swanson, CEO- Freedomsoft.com



With Freedom$oft you can run your entire business with just one login to get leads, automate your follow-up, and close deals.


We make world—class software that serves the Real Estate Investor. We go the extra mile by delivering superior training and support for the lifetime of your account.


When you win, we win. From our leadership to our newest employee, we cultivate trust and celebrate improvement.


That brings us to today. Whether you’re brand new and looking for your first deal, or are an experienced pro with a team operating in multiple markets. Freedom$oft provides the structure, the tools, the leads, and the support meet you exactly where you are.

From the original release and launch of Freedom$oft to the day I acquired it, software had changed. New data was available, new technology was available, and new systems were available to make real estate investing easier.

That started on my personal mission to bring all of these new opportunities together into one simple to use, seamlessly integrated, and highly organized software platform designed to help you find and close more deals.
Freedomsoft Dashboard
Whether you’re logging in for the first time and want to get started in under 5 minutes simply using Freedom$oft’s standard set-up, or you want to take the time to fully customize it for your business….

…Freedom$oft is here to help you close deals and create financial freedom by finding you deals faster, keeping you completely organized, following-up for you, and putting everything you need within a few clicks of your mouse.

I’ve watched real estate investor automate chaos, lose leads, and struggle to find deals. Freedom$oft fixes everything. But, you don’t have to take my word for it. Just ask around.

Let's Create Your Story

Our Users will tell you their stories, they’ll share the success that Freedom$oft has helped them achieve, and I know they’ll encourage you to join the family. I see it every day in person, and online. It’s an amazing community and I’m honored to be a part of it.

Whether it’s a story about Freedom$oft helping them find their next deal in minutes, how someone is able to cancel hundreds of dollars a month in “other software” they no longer needed, or about an unexpected, “above-and-beyond” encounter they’ve had with our world class support team…

…we’d love to help you create your Freedom$oft story.

It doesn’t take long to start to experience Freedom$oft. All it takes is a decision. Choose right now, join the family, and experience the Freedom$oft difference.

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