How To Invest In Real Estate

Hey, Rob Swanson here, CEO of FreedomSoft and I’m excited to share a quick training on how to invest in real estate.

I’m going to use the framework and exact process I used to teach my daughter how to get real estate investing deals.

I’ve also put together this FREE WORKSHEET for you learn how to evaluate any real estate deal:

To give you some context, we are a family that is always talking about real estate investing, owning and running a business, buying and selling companies, creating cash flow, building wealth, creating financial freedom, etc.

My kids have always been exposed to these conversations.

Then when my daughter was going off to college, the reality of not being around these conversations struck her.

Immediately after we got a blank piece of paper and pen and met in the kitchen. I started to lay out a framework of real estate investing 101 with the pure basics.

… these were things that took me years to figure out!

So I spent the next hour explaining how to invest in real estate, how to evaluate a deal, how to analyze a deal, how to think about a deal, knowing the difference between short-term and long-term deals and so forth.

I remember when I bought my first property. I had no idea how to look at it, analyze it, estimate repairs, etc. I had no starting point basis for what I should be doing.

So that’s what I want to solve FOR YOU TODAY.

… exactly how I solved it for my daughter.

Check out my video where I will be walking you through how to invest in real estate in a single sheet of paper.

You’ll see the difference between short-term and long-term real estate investments, understand the value and price of real estate, and learn critical numbers you need to know before doing your first investment. I’ll also teach you how to review comparables, how to calculate your maximum allowable offer for a real estate investment, how to analyze a deal and how to determine if you should fix and flip or buy and hold.

I’ve also put together this FREE WORKSHEET for you learn how to evaluate any real estate deal:

If you’re not currently using FreedomSoft, take a deeper look at what the software can do for you. FreedomSoft is an all-in-one system for real estate investors designed to get you more, high-quality leads that turn into real estate deals.

Join me on this training and watch as I generate hundreds of motivated seller leads in under 9 minutes…

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