How To Use FreedomSoft’s Dialer & SMS System – Lead Generation

Hey, Rob Swanson with FreedomSoft here.  This is a short training video on a couple ways to use FreedomSoft's Click-to-Dial Dialer.

…this feature update adds the Click-to-Call function directly to the Broadcast Tool making it simple to build and manage your out-bound cold-calling lists while easily incorporating text message marketing up-front, or as part of the follow-up process.

Watch the video

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    1. To get the most out of FreedomSoft’s Lead Management, Follow-up, and Automation, you won’t want to use RingCentral.

      You can, but you’ll quickly realize it won’t make sense to do so. The best option is to “Port” your existing phone numbers FROM RingCentral “into” FreedomSoft for the most integrated, simple solution.

      Here’s how that works:

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