True Story, he flushed 20M down the toilet

So we just had a guy apply to work directly with my team through our 6-Week Kickstart Program.

I saw his app come through and I was actually pretty excited because he was in southern California which is a super competitive market.

I'm not doing deals in SoCal right now, but I have a couple of friends that do about 20 million, and their office is about 10 miles from him.

I saw the money he was already making flipping and knew he could be on the verge of a home run.

One of the Coaches in my business, Mike, was about to call him back but asked real quick for my thoughts on his business before jumping on the phone.

I sat down with him for 10 minutes and first pulled up the local market for a quick analysis.

Second, I showed him some of the hottest pockets where investors were finding profitable deals that could be sold quickly.

Third, I shared the top 3 marketing strategies other investors were already using to get all the deals in these local hot pockets.

And fourth, I pulled up my friends business and showed him exactly why these guys had scaled to over 20M and the main reason, based on his application, why the applicant hadn't.

Then, I showed him two areas to focus on if I were this guy and wanted to scale up to the next level.  Both of these focus area can each add 2 or 3 deals a month right off the bat.

With all this information, he called the guy up.

The conversation started and the guy was little cocky, maybe rightfully so.  He was flipping about 8 deals a month from expensive direct mail campaigns, but for some reason, he couldn't do more and he couldn't figure out the next level.

…Mike started to share some of my ideas over the phone when this guy stopped him.

“Look”, he said, “I've read 20 books on real estate investing and there's not a single thing Rob can teach me that I don't already know.”

Mike tried to explain, that he can read a hundred books on jiu-jitsu, but that's not going to help you in a street fight.

…I thought that was pretty funny, and a really good analogy.

What happened next was pretty sad.

He said, “Well, Rob doesn't know anything about the SoCal market and then he hung up the phone.”

Now, while he was right about me not knowing a ton about the SoCal market, I know everything about how to run the data on a market to get leads fast, and I know exactly how investors from his area are making a lot more money than he is.

I've trained well over 1000+ real estate investor from my office here in Denver, and I've even worked with some very large $50M, $100M and $800M+ funds helping them grow their businesses.

I've helped investors find and do more deals quickly, in just about every major city across the country.  

Had he not hung up on Mike, I would:

> Map out a system in his business to find and do more deals – I already know what he's doing wrong, and could have easily helped him correct course

> Hand him the exact blueprint to launch lead campaigns in the hot pockets (in any city), to slash marketing costs, and skyrocket response – even in a highly competitive market

> Share my best marketing LIST, STRATEGY, and the EXACT MESSAGE that helped me close over 172+ deals last year and boosts results for everyone we work with

> Introduce him to the BIGGEST buyers in his local area who have more cash than they know what to do with and area always hungry to buy more deals (I know them personally)

> Teach my step-by-step system to dominate in the current pre-crash, highly competitive economy and real estate market that exists across the country – it doesn't affect me at all because of ONE SIMPLE TECHNIQUE

…not to mention, I was about to email the guy my proven One Call Close script.  This is the secret weapon my team uses to close more deals over the phone than just about anyone – on the first call.

After speaking at some of the biggest real estate investing conferences and meeting most of the big name guru's, it makes it easy to make the right connections to real buyers everywhere.

Those are all things you can't learn in a book, but are things that are available to my team every day.

…and, they can be available to you too if you want them.

Since this guy hung up on Mike, I've got a handful of spots in our 6-Week Kickstart Program available right now and I decided to open this up to Freedomsoft Subscribers who want hit 2020 like a rocket.

The 6 Week Kickstart is normally an application only program, but because you're already part of the Freedomsoft family, I'm going to open it up to you and waive the application process.

If you're just getting started, we'll focus on getting that first deal.

If you've already got a business cranking, we'll focus on strategic growth.

This is literally 1-on-1 coaching directly with my team, to IMPLEMENT the proven system I use in my business and get help you get the MOST out of your business, and Freedomsoft.

…my goal for you is to close a deal fast.

Our next group starts the week after Thanksgiving and you'll meet with my team, once a week for 6 weeks doing the exact things I have my team do every day to find and close deals.

This is a no-brainer if you're serious about Kickstarting your 2020.


Now go create some freedom,

Rob Swanson

NOTE: Did you know that MANY real estate investors stop working during the holidays?  

There is NO better time than RIGHT NOW to make this happen because the competition is a sleep at the wheel.  Let us coaching you for 6 weeks on exactly how to start 2020 with a bang.

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