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Stop using your personal number to take seller calls

Make, Receive, & Record Phone Calls In The App

Select which numbers you want to make & receive calls with. Every call recording can be automatically saved to your account for you to playback later.

This is just one small feature that FreedomSoft has to offer. Watch this free training to discover the proven method, perfected over the course of 20 years & 1,000's of closed deals:

See How The Full System Works

In the field & on the go

2-Way Texting And Lead Follow-Up

Text any lead with any number. Every text, call, & email gets saved in one stream so you can track every communication with your lead.

If you want to get to the point of actually texting back and forth with a seller, you need to get a strong batch of motivated seller leads first – Claim your seat in this free training to discover the #1 method you can use today:

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Let the tech do the heavy lifting

Easily Trigger Workflow & Follow-Up Automations

Use tags to set off powerful workflow automations that lead to more closed deals with less manual work.

If you want to see how to use these workflow automatons to boost your close-rate by up to 3X like so many of our other users. Click the button below right now to claim your seat for this exclusive training webinar:

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Keep your team moving with clear tasks & objectives

Create, Assign, & Manage Tasks To Get More Done

We want you to be able to run your business from ONE app.

No matter how big your team is, FreedomSoft can handle it.

Before you can set your favorite task; “Send Jane Doe the closing documents,” you need to start with a big batch of leads that will convert at a high rate. Click the button below to discover the #1 source for motivated seller leads:

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Never miss a beat

Automatically Syncs With Your Desktop CRM

Our automatic syncing feature allows you to pick up right where you left off – no matter what devices you're logged in on.

Having trouble getting leads that waste your time and never convert? This is for you – we're running an exclusive webinar that is focused on the fastest way to get leads that convert:

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[Brand New] Simple 3 Step System Get's Motivated Seller Leads In Under 9 Minutes (Step-by-Step)

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Watch *LIVE* As I Get Dozen's of Motivated Sellers Calling Me
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