Discover My Billionaire Approved Blueprint To Cashing In On The Next Huge Downturn & Copy My Investment Strategy Crush A Market Crash

Join Me For A 2-Day "Beat The Crash" Mastermind

Let Me Ask You A Question

If I hosted a 2-day event in Denver in mid-November to cover in detail where I believe the market is headed (based on the data)…

…and given the state of the US debt and monetary system…
…and I shared specific strategies I’m personally implementing to hedge inflation, maximize cashflow and fill the coffers with cash…
…to take advantage of a down market and the unique opportunities on the horizon…
Would you be interested in attending?
Don’t answer yet.
Rob Swanson's 2-Day Beat The Market

I've had enough people say “YES Rob” host this event “I'm in” and have already locked in their seats, that the event is a go.

It will be held on:
Monday & Tuesday
November 14 & 15, 2022
…right here in Denver, CO.
We'll share hotel and venue details once you seat is locked in and confirmed.

Here's The Back Story

In 2006, I sold the majority of my real estate portfolio at the top of the market because…
…I predicted that prices couldn’t hold and my research lead me to sell before the crash.
Everyone told me I was wrong.
Most went bankrupt.
In May 2008, I drew down $3 million dollars of my first $10,000,000 real estate fund and started buying houses…
…I was buying 20+ (or more) each month.
We were making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month…
…because I saw opportunity and took massive action.
When most people were sitting on the sidelines scared.
I was in the game in the biggest way I had ever been.
Making more money than I had ever made.
…it paid off.
In a big way.
But I still did somethings wrong.

One Deal & Retired For Life

My buddy did 1 deal in 2009 and retired for life.
I was so focused on “making money” that I missed the biggest opportunity staring me in the face.
I won't let that happen again.
I have a similar ”feel” right now that we are headed into a down turn that is one of those “few times in your life moments”.
Yeah, the last crash was a debt crash…
…and the next downturn will be a monetary system (or currency) driven crash.
That means the next downturn is playing out a little different than last time.
Which means the strategies will play out a little different too…
…that said, the opportunity is coming.
I know exactly how I'm planning to navigate these headwinds and I’m planning to share everything with a small group.
Are you with me?

My Investment Plan For The Next Crash

I’ve developed an in depth investment plan…
…my personal investment thesis (if you will)…
…and I am executing on it over the next few years.
I want to share my plan in detail with a small group of people.
I want to limit this to no more than 15 to 20 people so it’s a small, qualified and top notch group (it will be first come first served).
I’m not pitching anything.
I want the top echelon of the FreedomSoft family to win. And to win big.
I want the best of the best in this room.
Which is why it's $5,000 just to walk in the door…
…but I guarantee you’ll walk out with an action plan you can’t put a price on if you’re there.

The "One Deal" Winner Takes All Wealth Strategy

Over two days, I’ll reveal my $100,0000,000 Playbook.
…maybe that’s sounds crazy to you.
$100,000,000 Playbook doesn't mean you work harder, it means you work infinitely smarter on the things you're probably already planning and know to do. I'm planning to show you what I intend to do to work less and let the Great Wealth Transfer work for me.
I’ll show you how I plan to do it.
Maybe you have no desire to do $100 million in the next downturn.
Good news.
My strategy works for any level of scale you want to execute at.
But let me assure you…
…you’ll walk out of this room with a much bigger vision then when you walk in…
…and a game plan to achieve it.
…but how can you be sure?

You Show Up & I'll Guarantee The Value

Here’s how…
…if you’re not convinced that I’ve delivered 10x the value on day one alone…
…just tell me before you leave and I’ll give you your money back and I’ll pay for your flight home.
I’ll take 100% of the risk.
If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you already know me, my experience and my reputation.
So if you’re the kind of person that wants to dominate the downturn, your decision to be in the room just comes down to the schedule.
Which we’ll work out once I know you’re interested.
I’m so confident in what I’ll be sharing changes everything…
If I don’t deliver after day 1, just walk up to me privately and let me know.
…I'll give you your money back and pay for your flight home.

Not Everyone Is Qualified To Attend

Which means…
…attending this 2-day event isn't for everyone.
I plan to be selective on who walks in the room.
If you’re already scared about the future or get scared when markets change.
Don’t attend.
If you second guess strategy rather than going all in when opportunity screams.
Don’t attend.
If you don’t believe one of the greatest opportunities of your lifetime is on the horizon the next few years.
Don’t attend.
…but if you’re like me and are waiting, watching, and putting a plan in place to cash in when opportunity presents…
…this event is for you.

You'll Walk Out With A Very Clear Execution Plan

I’ll show you exactly what I’m doing – and why – and how you can copy everything.
I’ll show you how to scale it bigger than me, or do it on a much smaller scale.
It’s simple, and it’s extremely strategic to take advantage of one of two possibly economic outcomes.
I’ll show you my plan for both so you’re prepared as we watch the opportunity unfold.
This is huge. I can’t even begin to highlight how big this is.
You can copy my plan, the. steal pieces of it or just modify elements for your own benefit.
As I said, it’s not free, but what I’m planning to share will change everything.
I’m not kidding.
I’ve done it before.
I’ve been developing this for years.
It’s time to share the details with a small group of first-mover, action-taking folks.
Is that you?

Don't Wait, Start Puting The Plan In Place Today

Most people sit around and wait for changes in the market to change and for the opportunity to show up on their doorstep…
…then they react.
The most successful people I know…
…my friends and me do the opposite.
We put our plan in place now, we think, we connect with smart people and we jump fast when the time is right.
That’s what I did starting in 2006 in advance of the 2008 crash.
Now, you may be worried whether you need 20+ years of experience and a lot of money to “pull-off” my strategy…
…the answer is NO.
In 2008, I got a $175,000,000 real estate fund to carve off and give me $10 million dollars.
Today, that same fund (my old partner) is over $1B.
You don't need experience and you don't need money to pull it off.

This Is The Right Room - Will You Be There?

What you need are knowledge, relationships and action.
I'll help you with all 3.
…because I’m doing it again.
Will you come along with me for the ride?
If you want to be one of the few in the room..

Space Is Limited To 20 Seats (Max) - Over 1/2 Are Gone